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Fresh Black Truffles (15g)

Grade EXTRA Fresh Black Winter Truffles

Grade Extra (the best available) fresh black Perigord Winter truffles selected by Plantin.

Plantin selects the best quality truffles and ships these world wide including to famous chefs.

Located in the heart of Provence (Frances truffle production area) we can garantie the best quality truffles and the freshest product available.

Each truffle is cleaned, brushed and “canifé” to check the maturity and quality of the truffle.

One 15g truffle will flavour a dish for 2- 3 people comfortably.

Fresh black truffles are really worth trying once at least and go tremendously well added to omelettes or scrambled eggs.


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Keep at +2°C / 3°C Should be used within 7 to 10 days.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Never heat your truffles too much as the heat destroys the flavour.

Rather add truffle shavings towards the end of preparing your dish or just prior to serving.