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Foie Gras Tasting Set Castaing (4 Foie Gras)


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Free gift! Artisan Chocolate Covered Walnuts (125g Gift Sachet)

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Free gift: Artisan Chocolate Covered Walnuts (125g Gift Sachet)

Foie Gras Disocvery Set


A wonderful gift idea for foie gras enthusiasts just keen to try different types in small quantities!


1 bloc de foie gras de canard (duck) seasoned with Espelette pepper.

1 duck foie gras

1 duck foie gras entier (the best variety)

1 onion chutney to enjoy with the foie gras

All the items in the gift set have 18 months life minimum at room temperature and can be ordered for Christmas.

How to enjoy these specialities? Serve any of the foie gras cool (this is important) on some lightly toasted and finey sliced bread together with the onion chutney! Delicious!

Product Information

Storage: Can be stored in a cupboard.
Shelf Life: 18 months

Cooking Preparation Tips

All the foie gras are best served cool on toasted bread (or brioche) together with the chutney.


A warm welcome to the Good Food Network! Todays special offers feature an outstanding range of French ready prepared meals. We also draw attention to the superb Lauden chocolates – our organic French jams and the excellent royal Oscietra caviar. And we are including one packet of chocolate coated walnuts as a free gift with all orders at present!