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Foie Gras De Canard Entier Castaing (40g)

Foie Gras De Canard Entier

A delicious whole duck foie gras prepared by Castaing foie gras specialists in the Landes region, South West France.

Castaing are one of the most reputed foie gras producers in France (founded 1925).

These small foie gras serve one and are perfect to enjoy as a special starter.

Case Offers:

No. Of Units Unit Price Total Price
1 @ £6.50 Each £6.50
4 @ £5.25 Each £21.00


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Store in a cupboard. Once open store in fridge and consume within 3 days.
Shelf Life:2 Years.
Dietary Information:Gluten free. Wheat and derivative free. Egg free. Nut free. Lactose free.


Duck foie gras, sugar, gelatine.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Best enjoyed on lightly toasted bread or brioche accompanied with a fig chutney and optional sweet white wine such as a Sauternes.

Less usual is just to add a sprinkling of salt and pepper to your foie gras instead of chutney. This also works well!