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Foie Gras De Canard Au Jurancon Et Genievre (180g Jar Serves 4)


Duck Foie Gras Seasoned With Jurancon Wine and Juniper Berries


An outstanding duck foie gras entier (the top grade of foie gras) prepared by Castaing foie gras specialists in the Landes and one of our favourites – the flavour is simply exquisite.

This superb foie gras is lightly seasoned with Jurancon wine and Juniper berries to give a delicate and very rounded flavour, with perfect consistency.

If you want to enjoy foie gras at it’s very best, we recommend enjoying it served cool (this is important as it is less good we feel at room temperature) on some lightly toasted and finely sliced bread.

In terms of accompaniments – a wine jelly or fig chutney are the most usual – but we feel these foie gras are so good, they do not need it.

And the natural wine pairing is a Sauternes.

To open pierce plastic seal with a sharp knife to let air in – it can be a bit of battle but worth it!

    Product Information

    Shelf Life:4 years ambient
    Storage:Store in a cupboard and once open store in a fridge and consume within 2 days.


    Duck foie gras, jurancon wine (3%), Juniper berries (1%), salt, pepper, sugar.

    Cooking Preparation Tips

    Foie gras is best enjoyed served cool on finely sliced brioche or toast.


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