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Duck Foie Gras With Jurancon Wine & Juniper Berries (180g Jar Serves 4)

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Duck Foie Gras Seasoned With Jurancon Wine and Juniper Berries


A new addition to our foie gras range prepared by Castaing foie gras specialists in the Landes – and we feel one of the best foie gras we have ever tried or featured. A truly great foie gras and simply exquisite!

An outstanding (preservative free) duck foie gras “entier” marinated with sweet Jurancon wine and seasoned with Juniper berries – you can really taste both the Jurancon and the Juniper, and although not a foie gras “mi cuit” (semi fresh), it has this sort of taste and texture.

If you want to enjoy foie gras at it’s very best, we recommend enjoying it on some French pain d’epices with a little Sauternes wine jelly.

To open pierce plastic seal with a sharp knife to let air in.

Product Information

Shelf Life: 4 years ambient
Storage: Store in a cupboard and once open store in a fridge and consume within 2 days.


Duck foie gras, jurancon wine (3%), Juniper berries (1%), salt, pepper, sugar.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Foie gras is best enjoyed served cool on finely sliced brioche or toast and accompanied by a sauternes wine jelly or fig chutney.


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