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Cruscana - Beurre De Crabe - Crab Butter 100g jar

Crab Butter Case Offer (100g x 12 Jars)


Cruscana Beurre De Crabe – Case Offer 12 Jars

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A case offer of 6 jars of our very popular Cruscana crab butter at £3.50 each instead of £4.95 single unit price = £17.40 saving on 12 jars.

A very enjoyable beurre de crabe, literally “crab butter”, which is more akin to a French crab pate than anything else.

Our tasting comments?! Simply that it tastes good. Of crab and seafood naturally – the flavour is well balanced with a lingering depth to it and the texture is very pleasant. In fact we found ourselves eating it by the spoon when we first sampled it!

A natural way to enjoy this crab butter is to spread a liberal amount on some warm finely sliced toast. Perhaps with some side salad. One jar is ample for two as it is quite a rich product.

If you were looking for a wine pairing to enjoy with this, we would recommend a chilled white wine such as a fruity Riesling or a Sancerre.

Also something good and a little novel to serve on canapes when entertaining. One jar will prepare quite a few canapes.

Our crab butter is prepared by Cruscana – a French company founded in 1965 and specialising in creating crustacean butters based on the recipes of the famous French chef, Auguste Escoffier.

Can be stored for long periods in a cupboard unopened. Once open store your crab butter in a fridge and consume it within 3 days.

Also a very nice addition to include in French food hampers and gifts.


Milk, crab (25%), fish, butter (16%), modified corn starch, salt, mustard, vinegar, chilli pepper, pepper.

May contain traces of egg and sulfites.

Product details


Can be stored in a cupboard 2 years. Once open, store in a fridge and consume within 3 days.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 837 kJ (202 kcal) Fat : 16g of which saturated : 11g / Carbohydrates : 7,1g of which sugars : 1,6g / Protein : 7,1g / Salt : 1,4g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Simply spread on some warm toast and enjoy!

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