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Anchovy Fillets In Sunflower Oil (50g)



Anchovy Fillets In Oil


High quality anchovy fillets in sunflower oil.

Anchovy fillets are ideas for use in Mediterranean cooking and as a salt substitute, for example in tomato sauce.

  • Gluten Free

Product Information

Nutritional Information: Per 100g : 786 kJ (188 kcal) Fat : 9.2g of which saturated : 1.1g / Carbohydrates : 1.1g of which sugars : 0.5g / Protein : 25g / Salt : 14.9g.
Storage: Store in a cupboard. Once open store in a fridge and use within two weeks.


Anchovy fillets, sunflower oil, salt.

Cooking Preparation Tips

A useful tip when using anchovy fillets is to wrap the fillets in a paper towel to soak off any oil.