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Duck Confit With Sarladaise Pototatoes (300g serves one)

Confit De Canard Pommes Sarladaises

Tender and tasty duck confit cooked with Sarladaise potatoes (finely slices potatoes, parsley, garlic and larding bacon).

Serves one and allows you to enable a delicious French meal after work.

Goes well with a lightly seasoned green salad.

Case Offers:

No. Of Units Unit Price Total Price
1 @ £4.75 Each £4.75
4 @ £4.25 Each £17.00
8 @ £3.75 Each £30.00


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Store in a cool cupboard.
Shelf Life:18 Months.
Dietary Information:Gluten free. Wheat and derivative free. Nut free. Lactose free. Egg free. No artificial additives or preservatives.


Duck confit, potatoes, duck fat, larding bacon, salt, parsley, garlic, pepper.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Punch some holes in the lid using a fork and heat for 2 minutes at maximum power.

Can also be warmed in a bain – marie. In which case place the closed container in simmering water for 8 minutes. Pour cold water on container before opening.