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Duck Confit 12 Portions (3.8kg Tin)

Duck Leg Confit 12 Portion Tin

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Each tin contains twelve top quality duck confit legs.

Perfect if you’re cooking for a larger Family gathering or an events caterer and  favourite French menu line.

The supplier can vary occasionally but the quality is always identical and from SW France.

Please scroll down to view duck confit preparation tips and suggestions.



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Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Store in a cupboard until open. Once open store in a fridge and consume within one week.
Shelf Life:3 Years.
Dietary Information:Gluten and wheat free. Egg free. Nut free. Lactose free. Preservative free.
Nutritional Information:Per 100g : 1051 kJ (362 kcal) Fat : 30.1g of which saturated : 10.4g / Carbohydrates : 0.2g of which sugars : 0.15g / Protein : 22.8g / Salt : 1.3g.


Duck legs, duck fat, and salt … and centuries of know how!

Cooking Preparation Tips

To prepare duck confit simply open your tin (leave it at room temperature a few hours beforehand to loosen the fat), brush of any excess duck fat and heat in an oven at 180c until the duck skin becomes crisp and golden brown.

In terms of accompaniments you’re spoiled for choice. Roast potatoes are a natural and you can even use some of the confit duck fat to roast the potatoes in.

Puy lentils, salad, braised red cabbage … the choice is yours!