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Panettone Piemontese (500g)


Gilber Panettone Piemontese


A traditional soft, light Italian fruit cake of high quality and one of the most moist we have tried.

Panettone Piemontese is a variation of the Panettone Classico, Italy’s best known Christmas cake and is notable for its sweet hazelnut and almond crust.

Come with 5 months life and can already be ordered now for Christmas.

  • Vegetarian

Product Information

Storage: You can store your panettone at room temperature.
Best Before: 23.03.2019
Nutritional Information: Per 100g : 1507 kJ (380 kcal) Fat : 15g of which saturated : 9g / Carbohydrates : 54g of which sugars : 24g / Protein : 7g / Salt : 0.27g


WHEAT flour, sultanas, BUTTER, EGG yolk, sugar, frosting 10% (sugar, EGG white, HAZELNUTS 9%, ground rice), candied citrus peel, natural leavening, sugar syrup. ALMONDS.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Our main panettone producer is Gilber® of Turin, a flourishing family business that’s been producing traditional hand-made baked products since 1965. For them, as for us, quality is paramount and we’ve been sourcing their superb panettoni for almost ten years. What makes their products so good is the excellent ingredients they use, the experience of their bakers and the way they uphold true Italian baking traditions.

The pride of the Gilber® production is the ‘Piemontese’ panettone, with its soft, fragrant dough and hazelnut frosting decorated with whole almonds. Rich with ingredients, it is the fruit of delicate workmanship based on a natural rising process that uses cultured yeast exclusively and requires a full 48 hours ‘proving’ to guarantee the sponginess, softness, and fragrance that characterise all Gilber baked products.