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Caspian Caviar Royal Oscietra Caviar 125g


Royal Oscietra Caviar 125g

Order Now – Get It Tue 26 Oct Mainland UK


    On sale as we clear stocks ahead of our Summer closure.

    B.B 28.06.2021 but these caviar will be perfect on the 28th (and a few days beyond) – we sampled some a day ago and they are superb! As long as these are consumed in June, we can guarantee they will be excellent. And 125g is a really generous amount!

    An excellent Royal Oscietra Caviar and many of our customers have taken the trouble to email to let us know how good this Oscietra is.

    Our royal Oscietra caviar is sourced from a cold water, out door farm in Northern Italy.

    The good sized egg  (3mm diameter) makes it impressive to the eye –  with a colour varying from a rich golden brown to dark tobacco brown.

    This Oscietra has a mellow nutty flavour, that lingers long on the palate.

    Due to our close association with the producers, we have an allocation of their very best Oscietra. It has the same fantastic taste as the normal Oscietra, but the Royal Oscietra is the cream of the crop and is the largest eggs of the harvest.


    Sturgeon Roe, Salt, E285.

    Product details


    Please note that all caviar products should be refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, consume within 48 hours.


    Can be stored at 0 - 4c but even better stored at minus 2c-0c. Generally the sooner you consume your caviar from order, the fresher and better it will taste!

    Cooking Preparation Tips

    How best to enjoy your caviar?

    1. Eat a little on a spoon to enjoy the taste in it’s purest form!

    2. Add a little to a blini, with butter or sour cream and chives – makes a great canape.

    3. Can be enjoyed on toasted dark rye bread with scrambled eggs.

    4. Traditionally drinks to accompany caviar include chilled vodka or champagne.

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