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Caspian Caviar - Gold Oscietra 50g tin

Caspian Caviar “Gold” (Oscietra) 50g


Special Selection Oscietra Caviar 50g

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    Just occasionally, we get made an offer that we simply can’t refuse and this is one such occasion.

    We are very very happy with our existing Oscietras, but when one of the oldest and best respected caviar farms in Europe offered us an allocation of its very first harvest of Oscietra, “Yes” was the only response possible!

    This caviar has been 12 years in the making and it is harvested from Gueldenstaddi sturgeon, with the stock originating from the Caspian Sea. It is lighter in colour than our other Oscietra and the eggs are rather softer and it is very good indeed.


    Sturgeon Roe
    E285 – Borax

    What is Borax?
    Borax, also known as Sodium borate, is a form of salt that is traditionally used in caviar production. It helps in the preservation process, improves consistency and also enhances the flavour.