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Lobe of Whole Duck Foie Gras Mi Cuit (300g Serves 6/7)


Godard Foie Gras De Canard Lobe Entier Mi – Cuit 300g


A whole lobe of duck foie gras mi – cuit ready to enjoy!

This is foie gras at it’s most traditional and authentic, with minimum seasoning.

The lobes are from South West France and of high quality for a smooth and tasty delicacy.

Prepared By Maison Godard.

Product Information

Shelf Life: 1 year chilled at 0 - 4c
Storage: The closer these are kept to 0c the better to extend their life.


Duck foie gras, salt, pepper

Cooking Preparation Tips

Best enjoyed in it’s most authentic way, served cool, but not cold, on finely sliced lightly toasted bread with a sweet white wine such as a Sauternes