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Duck Foie Gras Lobe Grade EXTRA (450g – Allow 4 Working Days Delivery)


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Grade EXTRA (the best quality) deveined fresh duck foie gras lobes sourced direct from small scale French producers – allow 4 working days for delivery as we get these in fresh to order to ensure they’re at their best.

The texture, quality and flavour of these lobes are supreme and whether you pan fry them or make your own terrine, the result will be delicious!

Fresh duck foie gras lobes are what you need if you are looking to cook your foie gras, either to make your own terrine, or to sear and pan – fry.

When these foie gras reach you, they are chilled with 3 – 5 days life – you then freeze these which prolongs their life to a good 6 months (minimum) and you use them as and when you need them – a good method is to slice your foie gras into half inch slices and then freeze them.

Product Information

Storage & Shelf Life: Store in a fridge (in which case shelf life 3 - 5 days) or more usually freeze your lobe in which case these can be kept for 9 months.


100% fresh deveined duck foie gras grade EXTRA