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Bloc De Foie Gras D'Oie Du Perigord (125g Kilner Jar)

Goose Foie Gras Serves 3

A richly flavoured goose foie gras prepared by Godard foie gras specialists in Perigord, the heartland of French gastronomy.

Makes a delicious starter for three for special occasions.

Can also be served on canapés (makes circa 20).

Case Offers:

No. Of Units Unit Price Total Price
1 @ £25.00 Each £25.00
2 @ £19.95 Each £39.90
4 @ £16.50 Each £66.00


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Store in a cupboard. Once open store in fridge and consume within 3 days.
Shelf Life:2 Years.
Dietary Information:Gluten free. Wheat and derivative free. Egg free. Nut free. Lactose free. No additives or preservatives.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Best enjoyed on lightly toasted bread or brioche accompanied with a fig chutney and optional sweet white wine such as a Sauternes.

Less usual is just to add a sprinkling of salt and pepper to your foie gras instead of chutney. This also works well!