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Balsamic Vinegar IGP 8 yrs (250ml)

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Free gift: Grade A Sargol Saffron (1g)

Balsamic Vinegar IGP Aged for 8 Years


A high quality and enjoyable aged (8 year) balsamic vinegar from Modena – delicious stirred through salads and will transform your humble salad into something very enjoyable indeed and a central part of your dish.

More than the age itself (after all an average balsamic will not be good because it is aged), it is the actual quality of this balsamic which is excellent.

It’s worth noting that although expensive – the flavour is really good – and one bottle lasts quite a long time!

Rich, dark and wonderfully sweet and syrupy – it contains no colourants, just natural grape must.

    Product Information

    Storage:Store in a cupboard or anywhere in your kitchen.
    Shelf Life:5 years (balsamic vinegar does not deteriorate).


    Cooked grape must, wine vinegar.