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Balsamic Vinegar Condiment “Gocce” 12 Year (50ml)


Balsamic Vinegar Gift Box

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    A really interesting fine food for balsamic vinegar enthusiasts – superb flavour! And although 50ml seems like little, due to the nature of the product – a few drops on parmesan – a tiny bit on a teaspoon – one bottle will last longer than you may think.

    This is a 12 year old balsamic vinegar condiment made with pure grape must – the result is an even more rounded taste, a thick texture (achieved naturally from the vincotto) – and just overall a very balanced flavour … and you feel good when you eat it!

    Beautifully presented, these little boxes made beautiful gifts for foodies, sit well in hampers – and a few drops on some aged parmesan is perhaps still the best way to enjoy this!


    Cooked grape must.

    Product details

    Shelf Life:

    4 Years


    Even once open can be stored in a cupboard.

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