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Fresh Foie Gras Lobes & Mi - Cuit

Our range of fresh and semi - fresh (mi - cuit) foie gras are on sale this week whilst stocks of these last. Mi Cuit foie gras is semi fresh (typically 9 months to one year life in a fridge) and for foie gras connoisseurs has a slightly different (fuller) flavour than preserved foie gras - and is really delicious. We also stock the fresh foie gras lobes.




Brexit & Ordering –  in anticipation of likely importing delays from end of October, we encourage customers thinking of ordering for Autumn and Christmas to order as early as possible to avoid shortages & potential price rises. All the range have long life and can be stored in a cupboard a few years. We’re also including one packet of chocolate coated walnuts with all orders as a thank you!